Thursday, December 08, 2011

Charlie Wilson's War

The Grandmother was quite offended by the sprinkling of F-words through this film, which surprises me a bit because we've seen things with "Jesus Christ" and "God damn" and other take-the-name-of-the-lord-in-vain abuses and she hasn't made a fuss. She was impressed that it was based on a true story. Charlie Wilson's War is a 2007 film directed by Mike Nichols and starring Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Ned Beatty. It tells how we began funding the Afghan resistance against the Soviet invasion of their country.


Slant Magazine ends with this:
With its chickenshit elisions, and despite the last-minute feint at reversing its celebratory Cold Warrior tone, Charlie Wilson's War is Gumped-up history.
Time Out says,
the film’s lack of real bite or requisite splashes of genuine acid keep it firmly in the limited bounds of slightly old-fashioned, liberal hearted light comedy
BBC says, "The role is a coup for Philip Seymour Hoffman." also praises Hoffman: "Hoffman is the movie’s finest effect."

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