Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Abilene Town

Abilene Town is a 1946 Randolph Scott Western directed by Edwin L. Marin. Ann Dvorak, Lloyd Bridges, Rhonda Fleming, and Edgar Buchanan also star.

You can watch it online here:

Reviews are not plentiful. If you remember Gunsmoke and liked it, then this will bring back fond memories. You can see Gunsmoke's ancestry here. It's fairly typical of its type, with the marshall, played by Randolph Scott, trying to keep the peace between the cattlemen and the influx of homesteaders while also juggling romances with a co-owner of the saloon and the daughter of one of the local businessmen. There's a bit too much romance and singing (way too much singing) to suit me, but it's Randolph Scott, and I'm not sure you can say you like Westerns if you haven't seen Randolph Scott in several.

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