Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas in Connecticut

The Daughter got home tonight in time for us to watch Christmas in Connecticut. This 1945 film is one of her favorites, and we didn't want to watch it without her. It stars Barbara Stanwyck as the Smart Housekeeping Magazine mega-housewife who writes a monthly feature about cooking and housekeeping and raising a baby on her country farm. The fact is that she lives in a city apartment and can't cook at all, getting all the ideas for her gourmet meals from her Uncle Felix (S.Z. Sakall) who is the chef/proprietor of a restaurant. She isn't married and has no baby. Trouble comes when her publisher (Sydney Greenstreet) wants to spend Christmas with her family on their farm with a war hero who is recuperating from almost 3 weeks adrift on a raft. Una O'Connor also plays a part.


TCM has an overview. It's got an 87% rating at RottenTomatoes.

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