Thursday, December 31, 2009

Babylon A.D.

The Younger Son chose this for tonight, and I'm glad 'cause I like Vin Diesel. I'm waiting patiently for his upcoming Hannibal and helping maintain his Facebook fan numbers. Babylon A.D. is a 2008 science fiction film. The disc we bought has both the theatrical release and an un-rated cut. We watched the former. We enjoyed it, but then we were predisposed to like it. I wish it had made more sense.


The New York Times blames the director. Cinematical also blames the director, while including bad writing and bored performances as contributing factors. Variety calls it a "sloppy sci-fi actioner". DVDTalk lets the studio share the blame and says, "For all this mess, however, "Babylon A.D." is always fascinating" and "Some said it was a total disaster. Others said a longer cut would fix everything. Neither of these turned out to be true."

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