Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Elvis, Jesus and Coca-Cola

Elvis, Jesus and Coca-Cola is a mystery novel by Kinky Friedman featuring Kinky Friedman as the main character. I bought the book because of the colorful author, and it was a light, crudely funny mystery -an easy read.

from the back of the book:
Kinky Friedman is a Jewish Texan country-and-western singer turned Greenwich Village amateur detective, with a collection of smelly cigars, a cat, and two former -but simultaneous- girlfriends named Judy. Shortly after the possibly suspicious death of one of his closest friends, Kinky finds himself short one Judy, as Uptown Judy vanishes under mysterious circumstances. Before long, the death and the disappearance seem to be connected, along with Elvis impersonators, a missing documentary film, and a five-year-old mob murder. It'll take the Kinkster, with an assist from the Village Irregulars and Downtown Judy, to wrap this case like a New York Tex-Mex, decidedly nonkosher burrito.

EW says, "If you like your books narrated in off-color ramblings from the hokiest B movie of your dreams, this one's a solid A."


  1. This Google alerts pretty cool. Glad to see someone still reads my books.

  2. I've got 2 more in my to-be-read stack. I found them in my favorite used book store here and look forward to reading more.