Wednesday, May 13, 2009

High Noon

High Noon is a 1952 western classic directed by Fred Zinnemann and starring Gary Cooper, Grace Kelly, Lloyd Bridges, Thomas Mitchell, Lon Chaney, Jr., Harry Morgan, Morgan Farley (who has a Star Trek connection, with 2 different roles during the original series), Lee van Cleef and Jack Elam. It's #27 on the AFI list of top 100 films.

When the kids first saw this one they thought it was too slow to be watchable. They've made fun of it ever since.


The New York Times calls it "a Western drama that is the best of its kind in several years". Roger Ebert says it's "not a very good film". Images Journal says, "This conflict between personal responsibility and the needs of the community is where High Noon excels. It's what makes it a great movie". opens with this:
High Noon was responsible for setting the career of Gary Cooper moving again and is considered by many the single most important film in his career. However, no one knew or thought the film was destined for big things when it was first conceived.

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