Sunday, May 31, 2009

Children of the Damned

Children of the Damned is a 1963 science fiction film about kids with uncanny powers. I had originally scheduled this one for earlier in the month until I realized that a film with this title might be more suitable on another day than Mothers' Day. Hmmm... It does just so happen that youtube has removed the videos I had embedded since I first scheduled this post, but here's a trailer:

The New York Times calls it "a dull, pretentious successor to that marvelous little chiller of several seasons ago, "Village of the Damned." What a comedown." Moria doesn't like it. DVDTalk says it's "an okay pacifist parable with too much sermonizing and a dull edge." 1000 Misspent Hours closes with this:
Along with its more insightful treatment of official reaction to the emergence of a new breed of superhumans, it is the filmmakers’ success in convincing their audience early on that nothing good can come of any of this that enables Children of the Damned to overcome my usual distaste for strongly discontinuous sequels.

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