Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Creation of the Humanoids

The Creation of the Humanoids is a 1962 post-apocalyptic science fiction film based on a novel by Jack Williamson. The music is electronic. The movie starts with a voice-over narration telling of the atomic war that killed 92% of the human population and left the fertility rate too low. The acting is consistently stiff. I love this quote from early on: "There are always ultra-conservative pressure groups set against advancement."

Moria considers it "a highly underrated gem of considerable worth" and says, "There are some parts of the film that are just beautifully written science-fiction" and "Indeed The Creation of the Humanoids is a perfect illustration of how science-fiction should work as a literature of ideas, rather than of special effects." DVDTalk calls it "a progressive and serious sci-fi opus".

10/11/2009: Radiation Cinema has a lengthy review of the plot.

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