Tuesday, December 30, 2008

While You Were Sleeping

This is another delightful romantic comedy that The Daughter introduced me to. While You Were Sleeping is perfect. It's a feel-good movie from start to finish, and I enjoyed every minute of it. The film was released in 1995 and has Peter Boyle, Jack Warden and Glynis Johns and stars Sandra Bullock, Bill Pullman and Peter Gallagher.


EW didn't much like it. The New York Times review says,
This is a formula film, but it has the kind of good cheer and fine tuning that occasionally give slickness a good name.
Variety says,
Its success is a true testament to its cast and to Turteltaub's keen sense of balance.
Roger Ebert closes his review with this:
It's a feel-good film, warm and good-hearted, and as it was heading for its happy ending, I was still a little astonished how much I was enjoying it.

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