Thursday, December 11, 2008

Theatre Memphis Christmas Carol

We went to see Theatre Memphis' production of A Christmas Carol tonight. We don't go every year, but we've gone many times and enjoy some years more than others. We like this year's play. Our favorite characters this year are Fred, Christmas Present, Scrooge and Peter. There seems to be more music in this one than usual, and the entire thing seems shorter. The music is a wonderful touch, with the actors providing musical interludes and some background for scenes. The Christmas pageant scene is static and short with none of the emphasis that has been placed on it in some years, but that is a good thing as it doesn't distract from Scrooge's story.

The Commercial Appeal review is positive, singling out a few select performances, including this bit of praise
R. Joel Pinkston gave a precise and nicely shaded performance as Scrooge's nephew.
and concluding with this:
All in all, fine work throughout, so if you've been waiting for a good traditional version, grab the kids and go to this one.
That reviewer noted
There was a problem with the music occasionally drowning out the performers
but the theater must have corrected that because we had no problems with the sound.

It was a pleasure. The little girl in front of us hid her head in her mother's shoulder during the scene between Scrooge and Marley, but the play captivated her and her older brother as well as appealing to the adults in the crowd. The folks, young and old, sitting around us laughed and applauded and said complimentary things. Hoorah for a job well done!

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