Thursday, October 16, 2008

Theatre Memphis' Sweeney Todd

My familiarity with the Sweeney Todd story is strictly limited to the 1936 film, so I've been curious about the musical version and have been looking forward to seeing what Theatre Memphis would do. The Younger Son and I went tonight for Friends & Family night. There was a good crowd.

Christopher Blank has an article (no review yet) at that emphasizes the "contemporary" touches used in creating the set.

I loved this show. It was grim and disturbing, perhaps because I was familiar with one incarnation of the story but not this one. Definitely not this one. The actors were great, especially the 2 leads, and, though I'm not a voice critic, I thought the voices were wonderful. I thought the set and costumes were perfect. Except for the fact that the shrill, ear-piercing whistle was over-used and too loud I've got no complaints, and I can usually find something to complain about. This is perfect Halloween fare -a bit of lightness mixed with despair and desperation. If it wouldn't cost me $28 bucks I don't have, I'd go see it again!

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