Monday, October 13, 2008

The Eyes of the Mummy

The Eyes of the Mummy is a 1918 silent film.

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1000 Misspent Hours says that "the director’s unwillingness shows in Eyes of the Mummy’s every second," but Silents are Golden has some background information that indicates director Ernst Lubitsch wanted to move from the short comedies he was known for into more dramatic films. There is more information on the film at the web site of Pola Negri, the female lead, including hints on how to approach the film:
The first thing most people think when they see the title The Eyes of the Mummy is that the movie will be an old-time horror film. But when watching The Eyes of the Mummy, the first thing you need to do in order to best appreciate it is to not expect a horror film. Forget every horror picture you’ve ever seen and let the picture tell its own story. Keep in mind that this is 1918, and the horror film as we know it today had not been invented yet. The Eyes of the Mummy is really a drama picture with supernatural and horror elements

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