Friday, October 24, 2008

The Revenge of Dr. X

The Revenge of Dr. X (aka Venus Flytrap) is a 1970 horror movie written by Ed Wood.

Wild Realm Reviews says it
has some of the most laughably bad acting in any film ever. Such acting is perfectly suited to one of the most ridiculous screenplays. The wonderful stupidity of the film is explained by the famous name attached to the script: Ed Wood of Plan Nine from Outer Space fame wrote this obscure but fabulous turd; not many folks seem to know he wrote more films than he directed.
Dread Central concludes its review by saying,
This movie is the antithesis of good. It has no shortage of bad directing, bad dialogue, bad acting, and hammy overacting, not to mention plenty of dull lulls where you’re waiting for the story to actually progress. Plus, it’s loaded with almost as much stock footage, stock music, and excess padding as most of the movies Ed Wood himself directed. However, The Revenge of Dr. X (or whatever other title you may find it under) is simply one of those movies you need to see just so you can say you’ve seen it. Even then, you probably won’t believe you actually saw what you just did.
Bleeding Skull calls it "a truly cracked film that exists in a reality unknown to everyone but the filmmakers themselves".


  1. Anonymous1:03 PM

    At least they were smart enough to have topless women in this mess .

  2. lol I hadn't remembered the topless women. We just watched Onibaba. It's a much better film -well, maybe I should say it's a wonderful film- and still has topless women.