Thursday, October 30, 2008

The She Beast

The She Beast is a 1966 horror movie starring Barbara Steele (Nightmare Castle). This British/Italian film was directed by Michael Reeves, who died in 1969 at the age of 24.

DVDTalk advises being particular about the copy you watch, saying,
Fairly unwatchable pan-scanned copies have been floating around ever since the Sinister Cinema VHS days, but in this intact, restored Cromoscope version, the show comes across as an accomplished low budget effort.
Slant Magazine opens its review with this:
likely to draw more attention as an auteurist's footnote than a mutually exclusive spookfest, The She-Beast will primarily be remembered as the inchoate, if crudely artful, feature-length debut of British l'enfant terrible Michael Reeves.
The Guardian has an article on the director. BFI's ScreenOnline has a short overview of his life and work and some links.

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