Saturday, October 25, 2008

Horror Hotel

Horror Hotel, the U.S. title for City of the Dead, is a 1960 horror movie starring Christopher Lee.

This one does have lots of atmosphere and tells its eerie horror story without lots of blood and gore. That makes it a good choice for me.

1000 Misspent Hours:
Horror Hotel is a highly effective film, and it’s amazing to me how aggressively it deals with its subject matter. Remember that movies about devil worshipers were strongly frowned upon by the Board of Film Censors during the 1960’s

Moria says,
City of the Dead was the first film to patent the theme of reincarnated witches, Satanic covens and sinister New England towns where the inhabitants mutter portents and run before nightfall. The film sets up a lot of what would later become the cliches of the genre
for all its rather pedestrian script, City of the Dead is a triumph of atmosphere

10/7/2009: Cinema Styles likes it.

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