Monday, January 14, 2008

Lewis Carroll

Today is the anniversary of the death in 1898 of Lewis Carroll, best known as the author of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. That book and its sequel Through the Looking Glass have been favorites of mine since my childhood, and I have on my shelf the much-read boxed set which was my first exposure to Lewis Carroll. What a treasure! Both books with the Tenniel illustrations are online here. I discovered The Hunting of the Snark much later. My kids like it as much as I do, and my copy of that has permanently disappeared into one of their rooms. It can be read online here.

VictorianWeb has extensive information on his life and times.

Here are excerpts from Alice films from as early as 1903: [gone as of 3/4/2010]

You can watch the 1903 version, the first film adaptation of the book, at The Auteurs.

This is an excerpt from a 1933 movie with Gary Cooper:

The entire thing appears to be at youtube in parts here. [oops. their account is suspended as of 3/4/2010]

In 1951 Disney released a movie based on Alice. Here's the trailer:

Tom Petty has a music video that illustrates one of his songs using imagery from Alice:

Jefferson Airplane's song played against Star Trek clips:

Another Star Trek connection, here are video clips from "Shore Leave" that feature Alice and the White Rabbit:

Mother gives an Unbirthday party every year, usually in June. Alice has lasted a long time in my family.

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