Monday, January 21, 2008

Georges Melies

Today is the anniversary of the death in 1938 of French film maker and science fiction/fantasy/horror pioneer Georges Melies. I've posted on his films before and included links to some of his films in my post inspired by the Short Film Blogathon. If it's special effects you want, he'll give you special effects. Senses of Cinema discusses the significance of his career. Who's Who of Victorian Cinema has information on Melies.

Here are links to my posts on his films:
Cendrillon (1899)
A Trip to the Moon (1902)
The Man with the Rubber Head (1902)
The Infernal Cakewalk (1903)
The Monster (1903)
The Infernal Cauldron (1905)
The Black Imp (1905)

More of his films are embedded below:

An Up-to-Date conjurer (1899):

L'homme orchestre (1900):

La Lanterne Magique (1903):

The Music Lover (1903):

The Impossible Voyage (1904):

The Living Playing Cards (1904):

The Eclipse - The courtship of the Sun and Moon (1907):

4/17/2008: The House Next Door has an article.

4/18/2010: 366 Weird Movies has a post.

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