Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Fallen Into the Pit

This is the first of Ellis Peters' Inspector Felse mysteries. The only books I've read by this author are her Brother Cadfael books, which I love. (I own all of them, some in hardback.) From the back of the book:

All the school boys of Comerford look up to Chad Wedderburn, a classics master who was a hero of the Resistance in World War II. But they are puzzled by his unwavering stand against all violence. And when he is blamed for the brutal murder of a former German prisoner of war who settled in this remote Shropshire town, none of them believe he did it.

Policeman George Felse is also deeply troubled by this killing. His son Dominic discovered the body, and now the boy is doggedly pursuing clues in the isolated countryside to clear his teacher. As young Felse digs deeper, his father feels a mounting pressure. For Inspector Felse knows all too well that Dominic is playing with fire, and that he must close the case quickly-before the killer teaches them both a lesson in murder...

I knew who had done it and why a third of the way in and still enjoyed it. It's well-written, the characters are nicely drawn and well-rounded, and the plot has enough interest to hold you even if you do figure out the basic who-done-it part.

I'll pick up more in this series as I come across them.

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