Thursday, March 15, 2007

50 Top Fantasy Books

I've bolded the ones I've read. I did much better on the science fiction books than on fantasy.

1 J R R Tolkien; Lord Of the Rings Trilogy

2 J K Rowling; Harry Potter Series

3 J R R Tolkien; The Hobbit

4 George R R Martin; A Song of Ice & Fire

5 Robert Jordan; Wheel of Time Series (I've read the first 2 books)

6 C S Lewis; The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe

7 Terry Goodkind; Wizard's First

8 David Eddings; The Belgariad Series

9 Philip Pullman; Northern Lights (aka Golden Compass)

10 Stephen King; The Stand

11 George Orwell; Animal Farm

12 Raymond E Feist; Magician

13 Terry Pratchett; The Colour of Magic

14 Terry Brooks; The Sword of Shannara

15 Richard Adams; Watership Down

16 Ursula K Le Guin; A Wizard of Earthsea

17 Madeleine L'Engle; A Wrinkle In Time

18 Mitch Albom; The Five People You Meet in Heaven

19 Stephen King; The Gunslinger

20 Neil Gaiman; American Gods

21 R A Salvatore; Dark Elf Trilogy

22 Marion Zimmer Bradley; The Mists Of Avalon

23 Robin Hobb; The Farseer Trilogy

24 Piers Anthony; On a Pale Horse

25 Gaiman & Pratchett; Good Omens

26 William Goldman; The Princess Bride

27 Dianna Gabaldon; Outlander

28 Gail Carson Levine; Ella Enchanted

29 Brian Jacques; Redwall

30 Audrey Niffenegger; The Time Traveler's Wife

31 Neil Gaiman; Neverwhere

32 Roger Zelazny; Nine Princes in Amber

33 Stephen Donaldson; Thomas Covenant - The Unbeliever

34 Anne McCaffrey; Dragonflight

35 Bram Stoker; Dracula

36 Gabriel Garcia Marquez; One Hundred Years of Solitude

37 Lewis Carroll; Alice's Adventures In Wonderland

38 T H White; The Once & Future King

39 Garth Nix; Sabriel

40 Tad Williams; Memory, Sorrow & Thorn Series

41 Daniel Quinn; Ishmael

42 Mary Shelley; Frankenstein

43 Steven Erikson; Gardens of the Moon

44 C S Lewis; The Screwtape Letters

45 Weis & Hickman; Death Gate Cycle

46 Michael Moorcock; Elric of Melnibone

47 Laurell K Hamilton; Guilty

48 William Shakespeare; A Midsummer Night's Dream

49 Antoine de Saint-Exupery; The Little Prince

50 Susanna Clarke; Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell

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