Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Tennessee Iris

The Iris is the state flower of Tennessee. Though not my favorite flower by a long shot, I do like them and see a lot of them around here. The Memphis Botanic Gardens has a lovely Iris Garden, and The Daughter and I spent the afternoon there recently.

Besides the Iris Garden, we enjoyed the Butterfly Garden (even though there wasn't too much blooming there yet):

There were azaleas still in bloom:

and some of the trees were blooming:

Chinese Fringe Tree

We saw koi, catfish, turtles, geese, a swan and my first hummingbird of the season, but I didn't get photos of them. The Daughter got a picture of this heron, though:

Here's a view of the bridge in the Japanese Garden:

I found a feature I had never noticed before:

No matter how many times I go, it seems like there's always something "new".


  1. Looks like a great place to spend a few hours outdoors. Iris do happen to be my favorite flower so especially enjoyed seeing the ones in this garden.


    1. i is a beautiful place, and i have fond memories of time spent there :)

  2. How beautiful! We are just beginning to have baby leaves on the trees and I looong for summer! I saw a hummingbird once, on Bahamas. I thought it was a big bug first, and went from repelled to delighted within microseconds.

    1. hummingbirds do look like big bugs, don't they! and they are so fast! i hope they find my feeder, but it's been years since i put out a feeder so they may not come to it this year.

  3. Replies
    1. you and me both! :) i like the manicured and the wild parts and am so glad memphis has a good number of them.

    2. Cleveland has the Metro p\Parks system called the Emerald Necklace you can almost circle the city from east side to west side, sometimes in the city and sometimes in one of the suburbs without leaving the park.

    3. wow! now that's a forward-thinking city :) that would be wonderful! that had to take heart and vision to arrange.