Sunday, May 04, 2014

Must-See Cult Movie List

io9 has a list of 30 Cult Movies That Absolutely Everybody Must See:
1) Rocky Horror Picture Show
2) Donny Darko
3) Eraserhead
4) Big Trouble in Little China
5) Re-Animator
6) The Man Who Fell To Earth
7) Naked Lunch
8) Primer
9) They Live
10) Monty Python and the Holy Grail
11) Repo Man
12) Altered States
13) Cherry 2000
14) Brother from Another Planet
15) Night of the Living Dead
16) Evil Dead 2
17) Time Bandits
18) Buckaroo Banzai
19) Slither
20) Dark Star
21) Plan 9 from Outer Space
22) The Hunger
23) Death Race 2000
24) Tales from the Hood
25) Sharktopus
26) Born in Flames
27) Lost Boys
28) The Warriors
29) Tremors
30) Zardoz
I've seen half. I have plans to see Donny Darko, Eraserhead, Naked Lunch, Evil Dead 2, Lost Boys and Zardoz. Especially Zardoz, because of the picture:

screenshot from Wikipedia

It blows my mind.


  1. Sean Connery? OMG! LOL! I see one reviewer at amazon calls it "olde tyme sci-fi".

    1. omg, indeed! i love that description from amazon lol

  2. I had to laugh at that photo. That would blow anyone's mind. And although I live in an Altered State, I can't believe you've never seen Repo Man (grin) and Lost Boys. And of course, their number 1 and my number 1 would be the same, too.

    1. i have glaring holes in my movie-watching history. i don't remember ever even hearing of lost boys.