Friday, May 23, 2014


Elefante is a short fantasy film from 2012. Pablo Larcuen is writer and director. He has a web site here. The film has its own Facebook page. In this film, a discouraged man has a boring job, his kids ignore him, and his wife is dismissive. His doctor gives him the news that he is turning into an elephant.

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Short of the Week says, "Larcuen’s signature mixture of absurd humour and heartfelt emotion is in full evidence here. Absurd, because after all, a man is turning into an elephant! But really it’s just that Manuel’s sense of isolation and rejection is being taken to its extreme." Neatorama says, "This darkly humorous short by Pablo Larcuen explores themes of alienation, personal transformation and the importance of family when you're undergoing a major metamorphosis." Laughing Squid says it "features some pretty impressive special makeup effects and animatronics". Forbidden Planet calls it "touching" and says,
The special make up is very well executed, looking realistic while still allowing the actor to convey emotion through the prosthetics, and there’s a very emotional few scenes between him and his very young son that will get to you, all packed into just about ten minutes or so, do have a look

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  1. Aren't we all tuning into something.

    1. yes, i guess we are. i would hope for better family support than this poor man got :(