Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Boot Hill

Boot Hill is a 1969 spaghetti western starring Terrence Hill, Bud Spencer and Woody Strode. It also has Victor Buono, who got a best supporting actor Oscar nomination for What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? and is one of those faces people know from character roles in movies and TV. Lionel Stander (notable for his response to the House Un-American Activities Committee and his subsequent lengthy 15+ year blacklisting) and Eduardo Ciannelli are also in this film. Giuseppe Colizzi directs. The music is by Carlo Rustichelli.

Released as Trinity Rides Again, it is not a part of the Trinity series. The plot is a bit convoluted and involves a circus with midget musicians, and a gold mine. The fight choreography is a lot of fun in this one. My question is whether or not the homosexual subtext was intentional.

via youtube: says, "Many think it’s one of their worst efforts, even one of the worst spaghetti westerns ever, but it also has a small but devoted cult following, especially among fans of the director." Weird Wild Realm calls it "a character-rich action-packed film".

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