Saturday, August 24, 2013

Two Dancers

I saw this recently on the Golden Age Paintings blog, and it looked so cheerful to me that I couldn't resist sharing. Two Dancers is by Laura Knight, an English Impressionist painter who died in 1970 at 92 years of age. The painting is from 1912. from Wikipedia:
During the Second World War, Knight was an official war artist. She worked on several commissions for the Ministry of Information's War Artists Advisory Committee, and she was one of only three British women war artists who travelled abroad. Her works during this period include In For Repairs (1941), A Balloon Site, Coventry (1942), Ruby Loftus screwing a breech-ring (1943), Take Off (1944), Factory Workshops and Land Girls, amongst many others. After the war, she was the official artist at the Nuremberg Trials of the Nazi war criminals.
The BBC has a slide show of 85 of her paintings, including some of her war work and her controversial Self Portrait with Nude.


  1. Thanks for again introducing me to an artist I didn't know. I looked at all the links. I like her work a lot.


  2. i had never heard of her either. she lived a fascinating life!