Monday, August 12, 2013

Memphis Beat

Memphis Beat:

by Jerry Lee Lewis. He made his first recordings at Sun Records in Memphis, TN. At 77, he is still going strong and lives not far south of Memphis in Mississippi.

Down the Mississippi where the water gets muddy
Forty-four school where the kids don't study
Well, they all hang around at the root of Beale Street
Oh, that's where they hear that Memphis Beat

I'm goin' to Memphis where the beat is tough
Memphis, I can't get enough
It makes you tremble and it makes you weak
Gets in your blood, that Memphis Beat

Whoa, they're hitchhikin' here from California ride
On a Honda from Arizona
Houston, Boston, Kansas City, New Orleans and a doo wa diddy
Oh, I'm goin' to Memphis

Well, people come a ridin', a walkin', a swimmin'
Got a little chance at them good lookin' women
Oh, they march on down to the foot of Beale Street
Ah, then dance all night to that Memphis Beat

Oh, I'm goin' to Memphis
Oh, come on now let's go to Memphis
Where the beat is tough, I can't get enough
I gotta get back there, I gotta get back there


  1. What a nice way to honor your city. The only time I know Wichita had anything named for it was John Denver's "Wichita Lineman."

    1. i think there are millions of memphis songs. well, maybe not millions, but a bunch!