Friday, August 02, 2013


Judex is a 1963 French crime film directed by Georges Franju. It's a remake of a 1916 film and is based on a character in earlier serials. I enjoyed this movie. The plot is interesting from the beginning, the score is spare and lovely and contributes nicely, the acting is good.... Well worth watching.

At about 27 minutes, there's a lovely glassed-in aviary I'd love to have.

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Films de France says, "The 1963 remake of Judex is regarded more highly today than when it was first released, partly because Franju’s reputation as a filmmaker has risen substantially in recent years." Ferdy on Films has a long article with several screen shots and a detailed plot description. Only the Cinema concludes by saying it is:
a compelling tribute to the silent cinema and the conventions of classic, pulpy genre storytelling. This film takes what might've been a straightforward story and infuses it with a moody visual sensibility and a subtly surrealist perspective that really locates the magic and mystery in these well-worn genre archetypes.
Rotten Tomatoes has no critics score but an audience score of 76%.

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