Sunday, August 04, 2013

Bring Back the Tasmanian Tiger!

The Tasmanian Tiger (AKA "thylacine") is extinct. This marsupial carnivore -a top-level predator- was the last member of its family, and members of this family date back to the early Miocene 25 million years ago. Both sexes had pouches. The last known thylacine died of neglect and exposure in captivity in 1936. It was a close relative of the endangered Tasmanian Devil. This TED talk suggests we resurrect them, claiming that since we drove them to extinction we have a moral obligation to bring them back:

I'm in favor of that. For a modern animal we know precious little about it, and it is a fascinating creature. After all, they did live to modern times before we slaughtered them down to the last one. Tragic.