Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Valerie (1957)

Valerie is a 1957 Western starring Anita Ekberg, Anthony Steele and Sterling Hayden. Not your typical Western, it's Rashoman-in-the-West more than anything else. The actors are pretty, but I've seen Rashoman and am not especially impressed by this take on the idea.

... and can that possibly be a theremin I hear in the score? In a Western? I must be mistaken, but I swear that's what it sounds like.

via youtube:

It doesn't help my enjoyment of the film that, as I watch it, I keep hearing in my head (get it? Head?) The Monkees' priceless 1968 Valeri, which holds such fond memories for me:

DVD Talk seems to have trouble looking past Ekberg's attractions but does call the film "thematically-interesting". TCM has an overview.


  1. Anonymous8:30 AM

    One seldom sees a post that includes both Anita Ekberg and Davy Jones...--A Pal

  2. Valleri is one of their better songs.

    1. i was always a big monkees fan