Monday, June 10, 2013

Spiders (2013)

Spiders is a 2013 horror/science fiction film about giant spiders that mutate from samples that survive the crashing of a piece of Soviet space debris. It's directed by Tibor Takacs, whose first feature film was The Gate. It stars Patrick Muldoon, William Hope and Christa Campbell.

Dear God, please make that woman quit squealing!

I don't like spiders. I'm better now than I used to be, but the sight of spiders spilling out of the mouths of the dead, having hatched from eggs deposited in the man while he was still alive, isn't my cuppa tea. I say that to show I'm not inclined to be positive. I would never had watched it at all, but when I saw it was available online I figured I'd give it a chance. It's fairly slow-moving, and there are giant aggressive spiders. This is just not my "thing".

via youtube:

Horror Movies and Stuff says, "The directing really captured the gritty, urban look of downtown New York City. Muldoon and Campbell give good performances. The creature fx were above par, and the film shows potential early" but admits it's a bit slow off the block. calls it "a campy fun film exploiting those hairy little crawly things that tend tp give us the creeps" and says it's "simply a blast for fans of big movie monsters films." The Rotten Tomatoes critics score is 14%.


  1. You´re not the only one who doesn´t like spiders (which I suppose is why you can make a horror film about them), I remember a few years ago, late August, when the local rag had nothing newsworthy to report, they devoted a whole page to some young couple who were freaked out by spiders in their apartment building. It had been cold, and those big fruit spiders tend to come inside and curl up in some corner to die. Scary perhaps, but not dangerous. But of course, there are dangerous spiders. The black widow is sometimes seen in Swedish ports, coming in with the big cargo ships. But I doubt they last the winters...

    I never understood that Hitchcock movie about the birds. What´s that about? I saw it, found it silly.

  2. black widow spiders are indigenous here. they are one of the major reasons behind the "don't put your hand anywhere you can't see" advice i drilled into the kids when they were little. and the brown recluse spiders, of course.

    ah, the birds. i think any animal massed in groups and attacking makes a scary sight. and birds actually will attack. i've been dive-bombed by blue jays and mockingbirds.

  3. I never had the unfortune to be attacked by anything. The only thing up here that´s dangerous are bears and elks (they can actually kill people, and are know to do so if threatened). I´m really scared to meet a bear, they are often seen near here. Not usually dangerous, mostly they hide from people, but you never know...

  4. we have bear and wolves in and around some of the national forests, but i've never come in contact with them. there are none near here. i don't think there are large dangerous animals anywhere close to us.

    you are right: you never know when an animal will feel threatened.