Friday, October 17, 2008

Oasis of the Zombies

Oasis of the Zombies is a 1981 Jesus Franco film. This is the 2nd film I've seen lately that combines zombies with Nazis. There was both a French version and a Spanish one. The American release is apparently an English dubbing of the French release.

Oasis Of The Zombies by crazedigitalmovies

1001 Misspent Hours calls the movie "by turns boring and charmingly dumb". I missed the charming part. The Projection Booth begins its review with this:
Oasis of the Zombies deserves some sort of eternal recognition in the annals of cinema if only for it's brilliant alternate title, Blood Sucking Nazi Zombies (take that, Snakes on a Plane!). The film itself, however, largely fails to live up to such kitschy promise, and for the most part is a fairly typical entry in the legions of cobbled-together B-movie horror films.

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