Tuesday, February 26, 2019


Clay is a 1914 short story by James Joyce. You can read it online here. It begins,
The matron had given her leave to go out as soon as the women's tea was over and Maria looked forward to her evening out. The kitchen was spick and span: the cook said you could see yourself in the big copper boilers. The fire was nice and bright and on one of the side-tables were four very big barmbracks. These barmbracks seemed uncut; but if you went closer you would see that they had been cut into long thick even slices and were ready to be handed round at tea. Maria had cut them herself.

Maria was a very, very small person indeed but she had a very long nose and a very long chin. She talked a little through her nose, always soothingly: "Yes, my dear," and "No, my dear." She was always sent for when the women quarrelled over their tubs and always succeeded in making peace. One day the matron had said to her:

"Maria, you are a veritable peace-maker!"

And the sub-matron and two of the Board ladies had heard the compliment. And Ginger Mooney was always saying what she wouldn't do to the dummy who had charge of the irons if it wasn't for Maria. Everyone was so fond of Maria.

The women would have their tea at six o'clock and she would be able to get away before seven. From Ballsbridge to the Pillar, twenty minutes; from the Pillar to Drumcondra, twenty minutes; and twenty minutes to buy the things. She would be there before eight. She took out her purse with the silver clasps and read again the words A Present from Belfast. She was very fond of that purse because Joe had brought it to her five years before when he and Alphy had gone to Belfast on a Whit-Monday trip. In the purse were two half-crowns and some coppers. She would have five shillings clear after paying tram fare. What a nice evening they would have, all the children singing!
The mention of the "women's tea" in the first line of this story is my beverage connection for the T Stands for Tuesday blogger gathering. Please join us and our gracious hosts Bleubeard and Elizabeth.

Some recent ATCs:

I used a shaped card for this one:

and tried making a window frame here, though the white frame doesn't show up around the edge:

The Alphabet Challenge Blog did "W is for Wings" earlier this month, but ya know when I saw "W" I was off into the land of Western movies in my mind and couldn't rein in those runaway horses. Westerns it is, but I won't tell them if you don't. Inspiration is where you find it.

I shaded the frame on this one.

For this next one I tried a resist technique using petroleum jelly and acrylic paint:

I used a base card I received as part of a swap.

This one:

was inspired by a Flight prompt I saw somewhere.

This one was inspired by a Climb prompt:

and this one by a Love prompt:


from the same list of prompts.

And Morph:


  1. Sounds like a great story! I so enjoy looking at your wonderful art each week, probably as much as I enjoy reading your fabulous titles that you give each piece - perfect 😁. The westerns, love and majestic ones caught my eye, such wonderful designs! Wishing you a happy T Tuesday! J 😊 x

  2. My high school English teacher made us slog through James Joyce. Ugh. It was so bad, someone hid the Joyce books on him. Super ATCs. My favorite is Western. Ya done good, pilgrim. Happy T Day

  3. What a wonderful story for T this Tuesday, It is quite unique and I always love unique.

    Your ATCs are getting quite good. I like each one this week. They all shine. I like the resist technique, because I always have good luck with it. Looks like you did, too. Thanks for sharing your ATCs and Joyce's short story Clay with us for T this Tuesday.

  4. You’ve made some great ATCs, they are so colourful, I like the way you are inspired, cowboys to me mean John Wayne and Clint Eastwood, my favourite cowboy.
    Enjoy your week
    Jan x16

  5. Love your beautiful collage creations. James Joyce is always good. Happy T Day, Valerie

  6. I'll save the link and read the story later. Meanwhile I'm so taken with your ATC's. I tried the petroleum jelly resist on a large collage. It was fun and worked but I'm not sure I ever got all the jelly off. Keep it up with the ATC's, you've found your groove.

  7. It sounds a good short story and I will follow the link later, the half crowns in her purse, took me back in time, how many of our young folk in the UK now wouldn't know what there were. All your ATC's look fantastic, it would be hard to pick out one as a favourite.
    Happy T day wishes.
    Yvonne xx

  8. I love your T reference, and I am really enjoying your atc's so glad you are sharing them with us
    Happy T hugs Kathy

  9. Wonderful atc's. I especially like the colors and papers on Majestic.
    Happy Tea Day,

  10. Looks like you are really getting into ATC's. They are definitely addictive!
    Happy T day!

  11. Love your AT Z this week. Especially the house one ! I haven’t read any James Joyce for quite awhile. He’s always a good st Patrick’s day read. Even if he isn’t the only Irish author. Unfortunately he reminds me of one of my high school English teachers who adored him. Or maybe I should say that is a good thing if I still remember her. 😀. Hope it was a good one. Hugs Erika

  12. what fun you are having with your creations. I like your "take that first step" excellent motivation card.

  13. A lot of very clever ATCs here, D. I love how you interpreted some of the prompts, especially the "W for Wings" one. I also love "Have to Rush" and "Up, Up and away." You seem to create with such abandon. I envy that.

    Happy T-day! Eileen xx

  14. again, it´s fun to follow your addiction to atcs. keep on rocking:)

  15. Anonymous2:22 PM

    I like the John Wayne one, Pilgrim...
    --A Pal

  16. Your ATCs are gorgeous ! So clever made!
    Big hugs, Susi

  17. Wonderful collection of artwork. You've been busy this past week. And I like how you used the story to get your tea credit. Happy T-Day!

  18. I got drawn into the story but i haven't got time to read all of it through the link as it is late at night already. Tomorrow is anohter day...
    Great ATCs, it's not easy to work from a given theme (I find).
    Happy belated T-Day,

  19. I love seeing your ATCs- still haven't managed to get around to making any myself! Great extract to read for TSFT!Belated Happy T Day, Chrisx

  20. Ooh! I do like your ATCs. They all look great!

  21. I got drawn into the story and would loved to have read more, so i'm saving the link to do just that.
    Thanks for sharing, I love a good story and a good western for sure.......my favorite ATC!