Friday, May 27, 2016

Hellraiser: Bloodline

Hellraiser: Bloodline is 4th in the series. The 3rd one was such a disappointment for me, I approached this one with few expectations. With yet another director, Doug Bradley as Pinhead is the sole connection to previous films. An origin story for the puzzle box, this movie might've been better named Pinhead in Space, which is a common nickname for it. EW has this plot synopsis: "Essentially an anthology, the movie follows the descendants of the toy maker who first designed the notorious puzzle box that summons the S&M minions of the netherworld." It's very episodic, and I had trouble finding a through plotline.


Empire Online says, "At barely 70 minutes long, this still manages to stammer and stall between the meaningless atrocities. It's time this series met Abbott and Costello." Moria says it "does not emerge as bad as word has it; on the other hand, it is never more than a routine film." Dread Central gives it a negative review and says, "Fifteen years later this is a film remembered for being the last Hellraiser film to hit theaters and nothing else. And that’s a shame." closes with this:
Truth be told, I’m a little afraid to sit down and watch parts five through eight.

Though some how I doubt they could be as bad as “Pinhead in Space.”
DVD Verdict has a rare positive review. It has a 25% critics score at Rotten Tomatoes.