Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Damned

The Damned (aka These Are the Damned) is a horror film about a secret government plot to prepare for the inevitable nuclear holocaust. It stars Macdonald Carey, Shirley Anne Field, Oliver Reed, Alexander Knox, and Viveca Lindfors. A Hammer film directed by Joseph Losey, it was produced in 1961; but the British release didn't come until 1963 and the American cut had to wait 'til 1965. The production controversy was, in part, because of an incest subplot. The music is great fun.

1000 Misspent Hours gives it 4 stars and a positive review. Moria has a 4-star review and says, "The Damned is a realistic character-driven drama much more than any other Hammer film." DVD Talk calls it "one of the best and most profound science fiction films ever made."


  1. Not bad. It´s great to see Viveca Lindfors, I always liked her. Wonderful voice and epic cheekbones. She seemed untouched by age and refreshingly free from vanity.

    1. I liked her in this. It's wonderful when an actor can take a supporting role and fill it out. I cared more about her character than I did the lead actress.