Saturday, June 27, 2015

Oedipus Rex (1957)

Oedipus Rex is a 1957 film adaptation of the Sophocles play. I much prefer watching plays to reading them, but I don't care as much for modern adaptations. This is more the filmed play type, with the actors in robes and performing in masks. The adaptation is written by William Butler Yeats. I enjoyed this. And how can you go wrong with a young William Shatner as a member of the chorus!

It's a story everyone should already be familiar with, but you can read a translation of the play online if you like.

via Youtube:

DVD Journal says, "Seeing Sophocles' greatest smash hit in a form similar to how his original audiences experienced it is a rare and pretty nifty thing."


  1. William Shatner? They all looked a bit Klingon to me. I was never very fond of the Oidipus story - I think he got a rotten deal and it was all so unfair. He didn´t know. And then get a complex called after you... It must have been fun to do the costumes on this film.

    1. Yes, cruel fate. Try as they might, they could not avoid fate. And oh, how they tried!