Wednesday, February 19, 2014

True Grit (1969)

True Grit is a 1969 John Wayne Western. It also stars Glen Campbell, Kim Darby, Robert Duvall, Dennis Hopper and Strother Martin. This is a classic. It's received a reportedly respectful remake, but I haven't seen that one.


John Wayne and Red Skelton explore "true grit":

Deep Focus closes with this:
When compared to Wayne’s work with Ford, well, there’s no comparison at all. Ford’s Westerns were about the setting and the story, whereas Hathaway has no intent on making his movie about anything else than Wayne’s memorable role. If only he had given the performance in a better movie.
Roger Ebert gives it 4 out of 4 stars and calls it "one of the most delightful, joyous scary movies of all time" and "the Western you should see if you only see one Western every three years". It gets a 90% critics rating at Rotten Tomatoes.


  1. I was prepared to hate the remake but found it to be well done and enjoyable.

    1. that's what i've heard. i'm going to have to watch it. i think i'll like it.