Friday, February 21, 2014

A Hometown in Heart

A Hometown in Heart is a 1949 Korean film. describes it this way: " the film unfolds the everyday lives of three generations: the head monk, a young monk, and a little child monk against the backdrop of a quiet temple in the mountains." The young boy longs for maternal affection. I haven't seen much Korean film, but I'll look for more. This was beautiful!

via youtube:

Wonders in the Dark closes their review by saying, "Superbly photographed, it’s been too long neglected in the archives and should, in time, become recognised as one of the best humanist films from outside of Japan." Yes Asia (where you can order the DVD) says it is "one of the first and most important films made in Korea after its liberation from Japan".


  1. I need to look for this one. I'm not sure I've seen many, if any Korean films.

    1. i hope you like this one. i've seen 6 korean films i've listed here: you can watch some of them online