Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Rounding the Mark

Rounding the Mark is the 7th in the Sicilian Inspector Salvo Montalbano detective series by Andrea Camilleri. I found a few of these at my favorite local used book store, started buying them new, then got the ones I didn't already have for Christmas. I've been enjoying them all.

from the back of the book:
Two seemingly unrelated deaths form the central mystery of Rounding the Mark. They will take Montalbano deep into a secret world of illicit trafficking in human lives, and the investigation will test the limits of his physical, psychological, and moral endurance. Disillusioned and no longer believing in the institution he serves, will he withdraw or delve deeper into his work?

Eurocrime recommends it and calls it "a nicely complex tale populated with three dimensional characters, each with their own individual personality traits." The Telegraph offers a positive review. Amore Travel Guides says, "In spite of the serious topics Camilleri manages to keep the dark humor his mysteries are known for." The Guardian claims "The real Sicily lives in his pages," notes that "His birthplace of Porto Empedocle, on which Vigàta is based, has changed its name to Vigàta" and says,
the Montalbano mysteries have a timeless feel about them. They are the books of a wise old man who has lived a lot, eaten well and versed himself in the best Italian and foreign literature.

I've also read these:
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