Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Trinity Is Still My Name

Trinity Is Still My Name is a 1971 Spaghetti Western sequel to They Call Me Trinity. It's written and directed by Enzo Barboni and stars Terrence Hill and Bud Spencer.

Spaghetti-Western.net says
When Trinity is still my Name was finally released, it broke all the records and became the most successful Italian film ever. Even today it’s still fifth on the list of biggest Italian box-office hits in history.
Fistful of Pasta closes with this:
Trinity is still my Name has less story and less venom than the first Trinity movie, but is probably even more fun to watch. It's true family entertainment. Warmly recommended.
The Spinning Image says, "in the main this is easy, undemanding viewing, and the fans would have it no other way."

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