Wednesday, March 14, 2012


This dvd was a gift some time back (it's a 2009 film), but I never watched it -I haven't watched as many movies this last year and a half. Now that my sister has quit helping with The Grandmother and I am going over there both in the mornings and in the evenings I'm going to take some dvds with me and watch them in pieces while I'm waiting for her to take care of her business. I took 9 this morning, and it was a good length. I enjoyed it.


Time calls it "visually alluring but hollow". DVD Talk calls it "a stunning achievement in animation" and "stunning, thrilling, and subdued all at the same time". Wired calls it "a fresh take on post-apocalyptic nightmares" and says "it’s the animation, not the acting, that separates 9 from the pack". Film Journal says it's "a visually dazzling, highly imaginative sci-fi animated feature that's marred only by a bland script."

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