Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Mummy's Tomb

The Husband picked this one to follow The Mummy's Hand, having bought them on dvd not long ago. The Mummy's Tomb is a true sequel to The Mummy's Hand, but the mummy is played by Lon Chaney, Jr. in this one. George Zucco reprises his role as high priest. I liked it better if only because it didn't pepper itself with comic relief.

Moria says it's
the dreariest of them all. The plot is the most routine and least standout of the series. Sadly, the most exciting the film ever gets is during the footage that has been taken direct from The Mummy’s Hand.
1000 Misspent Hours closes by praising the lack of comic relief and opens by saying it's
probably the strongest of the Universal mummy movies. Like its immediate predecessor, it features a blazingly fast pace and a short running time, but its more serious tone, better monster makeup, and higher quotient of mummy action make it far superior
Weird Wild Realm liked The Mummy's Hand better. The New York Times was not impressed when it was released in 1942.

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