Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Venice in the Age of Canaletto

The Daughter and I took some time this afternoon to go to the Venice in the Age of Canaletto exhibit at the Brooks Museum. We enjoyed the time there. The Brooks is another attraction I remember from my childhood and that the kids grew up going to. It's also another one that has changed a lot through the years and looks nothing like it did when I was little. It opened as the Brooks Memorial Art Gallery in 1916. It was enlarged in 1955 to house the Kress collection and enlarged again in 1973. The most recent addition was completed in 1989. Although I remember the old building fondly, I like the way it is now, too, and this is the only way the kids have ever known it.

The exhibit had a video of a tour down the Grand Canal, a large map of Venice, some decorative objects and some furniture in addition to the paintings. We didn't have any particular favorites from this exhibit, which is actually rather unusual for us. The evaluation forms and guest books were on a stand set up in front of (and blocking) a door labeled "Fire Extinguisher". The daughter and I got a big kick out of that.

The photo at the top of the post was made during another visit.

This picture was added by popular request:

4/29/2010: The Memphis Flyer has a review.