Saturday, March 06, 2010

Grow Your Own Drugs

NPR has a story about Grow Your Own Drugs by James Wong, a book that suggests we might do better with a little more of a do-it-yourself attitude. The book is an offshoot of a BBC documentary series.

from the NPR article:
The recipes in Wong's book offer remedies for a wide range of ailments — from sore throats to hot flashes to head lice....

"It's very much not about abandoning conventional medicine," Wong says. "It's almost like a useful complement to it."

The Wikipedia article quotes Wong:
Making your own natural remedies for minor complaints can be easy, cheap and fun. But you must know exactly what you’re using and how to use it. I’m not against conventional medicine and it’s really important you get yourself diagnosed by a doctor before trying natural remedies.

Watch Episode 1 from youtube. part 1:

part 2:

part 3:

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