Saturday, March 13, 2010

Coffee Party

All I'm gonna say is that, if that's your idea of a party, I'm sure not interested in a more solemn event. Whew! Such long, serious faces. But, then, we were just curious and couldn't get close enough to hear, so there may well have been sad news to share or grim tidings to deal with. If there had been chairs to sit in... but they seemed to all be taken. Or if we could have stood close enough to hear... but the speakers seemed to be talking to specific people in conversation and were certainly not speaking in a way that we could make out what was being said. I guess they wanted a smaller, perhaps more intimate, group for serious discussion and not a larger forum. At any rate, Otherlands is our usual meeting place for Saturday coffee, so we enjoyed ourselves even though we're no clearer now than we were this morning on what the local "Coffee Party" folks have in mind.

We got to Otherlands about 2:30 and were still there when the Coffee Party broke up about 4:15.

3/18/2010: The Flyer has video of part of it and a report announcing the next meeting.

general Facebook page
Tennessee's Facebook page
Memphis Facebook Event page

The picture at the top of the post is the one I see on the CoffeePartyUSA web site, and I got it from the Tennessee Facebook page linked above.


  1. Forget the coffee party - boring centrism for boring Democrats - join the Cocktail Party!!!! We need a Memphis chapter!

  2. "We crafted this list of policy goals with the intention, minimally, of driving the Tea Partiers crazy with rage."

    Yes! A cause I can really get behind! lol

  3. Scott Banbury8:09 AM

    Isn't there already a "Drinking Liberally" in town?

  4. Yes there is, and we did go there once. I wrote about that experience here: They may have been talking about politics at that meeting, but, as was the case at Otherlands, we couldn't hear anything from where we were.

    It was not an experience The Daughter or I care to repeat.