Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Conversion

I heard about indie Memphis film The Conversion recently, and I enjoyed yesterday's outing so much I decided to do a repeat to see it. The Conversion is a 2009 science fiction film. The team that made it has a web site. I noticed Helen Bowman in the film I saw yesterday, and seeing her again here -even though it's a much smaller role- was a treat. Donald Meyers also repeats from that film. The film has a Facebook page. There are clips on their youtube channel, including this teaser:
The Revolution will NOT be televised.

When the television switchover goes horribly awry, the nation plunges into digital darkness.
and this preview: tells some history of the film:
Last night, a funny thing happened. Corduroy Wednesday won the 2009 Best Hometowner Feature at this years festival. This makes their feature film, "The Conversion", award winning. Why is that funny? Well, cause it wasn't supposed to happen. "The Conversion" was just to follow the growing trend in Memphis and just be a web series.

Go Memphis says, "The satirical Philip K. Dick-esque plot involves government dupes, "cyber-terrorists" and "digital anarchists."" The Memphis Flyer reports that
Phillips and collaborators Erik Morrison and Benjamin Rednour financed The Conversion via a lucrative win (roughly $1,500) for their short film CottonBallLand at a recent installment of Live From Memphis' L'il Film Fest, a quarterly contest and showcase that has returned from hiatus to inspire and help develop local filmmakers. "That's what keeps us in practice," Phillips says of the L'il Film Fest, especially when we aren't working on a huge project."

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