Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Lonely Planet Visits Lonely Island

Simon Sellars, self-described "co-author of Lonely Planet's recent guide to homemade nations," is in Sealand.

Welcome to the world's smallest and weirdest "country". I am in Sealand, a self-proclaimed independent state in the North Sea, 11km off England's Suffolk coast. Sealand consists of two towers 10m in diameter and protruding 20m above sea level with seven levels containing living quarters, a brig, a chapel, a gym and a so-called data haven filled with computer mainframes. A platform with a lounge, kitchen, post office and helipad links the towers. There are generators, oil drums, splintered wood, mechanical parts everywhere. It's ramshackle, rusting, a scrap heap.

He offers descriptions of life on Sealand that will enable you to hear the sounds of the sea yourself. Well, almost. It is an interesting report.

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