Sunday, November 25, 2007

Dziga Vertov, director

I was able to find several of this Russian director's films online. There is some information on his life and career at and here.

Dziga Vertov directed Soviet Toys in 1924:

Cinema Eye is also from 1924. This is a documentary and promotes the joys of life in Soviet Russia:

Man with a Movie Camera (1929) is a Russian experimental documentary:

There is a review here. There are some stills from the film and some study questions and information on Vertov's ideology and technique here and some background information here. I saw this one back in September.

Enthusiasm: Symphony of the Donbass (1931) focuses on the struggles of Soviet miners:

Information on the film here is helpful in viewing the film in context.

Three Songs About Lenin (1934) celebrates Lenin and his role in shaping the USSR:

I'm surprised more of his earlier work is not available online.

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