Friday, October 16, 2015

Masters of Horror: Homecoming

Masters of Horror was a TV series from 2005-2007. Homecoming was an episode from the first season. It was directed by Joe Dante and has a role played by Robert Picardo (who was the holographic doctor on the Enterprise in Star Trek: Voyager).

The story here is simple: The president says he wishes the war dead would come back to life so they could tell us how important the current war is. They come back, all right, but they want to vote so they can vote for anybody who'll end the war.

You can watch it at Hulu's channel at Daily Motion.


Slate says,
Homecoming is on another level of guilty pleasures, a junk-food adrenaline rush that debunks the myth of glorious war, presenting every ugly wound in gory latex detail, while having nothing but compassion for the lonely, lurching, living-dead soldiers.
Dread Central says it's less horror and more political satire. DVD Talk says it "carries a very strong political message about the current state of affairs in the United States and abroad. It's a message about military action, war, and foreign policy."


  1. "We´re looking for a few good men"? This looks like it might be funny, in a sad kind of way.

    1. Political satire, definitely. And still timely, more's the shame.

  2. I love satire, and political satire is strangely fascinating to me. Maybe because I detest war and everything it does to a country, the people who have to fight there, and the land it damages in the process.

    1. We seem too quick to send our young men off to die and we are much too anxious to stay ready to do it at a moment's notice.