Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas Party (Nero Wolfe)

Christmas Party is an episode of a tv series starring Maury Chaykin as Nero Wolfe. Timothy Hutton is Archie Goodwin. This story is based on a novella -The Christmas-Party Murder- that originally appeared in Colliers Magazine. It's part of a series of books featuring Nero Wolfe written by Rex Stout.

Goodwin sets off the events by pretending he's getting married to do a favor for a dancing partner. He leads Wolfe into thinking his marriage plans are real.
"Confound it! Marry, and be damned!" -Wolfe, congratulating Goodwin
Goodwin is surprised but pleased to see Wolfe make a rare foray out of his apartment, shocked when someone is murdered at a party where he is a guest, and quite amused to find out the true identity of Santa. And Goodwin gets to "dally".

We enjoyed this series and were disappointed when it ended, but we do have both seasons on DVD. It's all great fun. They make use of an ensemble cast, with actors appearing in different roles through the seasons.

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