Sunday, November 25, 2012

Princess from the Moon

Princess from the Moon is a 1987 Japanese Toho Studios film based on an old folktale. It's directed by Kon Ichikawa, who also directed The Burmese Harp. This is a beautiful fairy tale.

The story is of a bamboo-ware maker and his cloth-maker wife whose 5 year old daughter -their only child, conceived late in their lives- has recently been sick and has died. They are devastated, knowing their poverty kept them from hiring a doctor.

When they see a bright light in the distance, they fear for the safety of the bamboo and their daughter's grave. He goes to investigate and finds a baby. He assumes she's been abandoned and starts to take her back to his home, saying he'll take her to the village elder the next day. On the way home she grows to the size and into the appearance of their daughter except for having bright blue eyes. He tries to make his wife understand that it can't really be their daughter. She finally agrees, suggesting they adopt her and raise her as their own.

Guess where she's from?

I found it free at Hulu, but that may be temporary. Sometimes I'm not sure whether a film is temporarily or permanently free. One of these days I'm going to have to spring for a Hulu membership. It's just a matter of time. And money.

It is not a widely reviewed film.

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