Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Memphis Roller Derby

I had never seen roller derby before, but The Daughter knows someone who plays for a local team, and I went with her to a friends & family practice game in the Pipkin Building at the old fairgrounds. Fun! Even though I was clueless about what was going on, it was fun. We plan to find out a bit about the rules and go back. All I know right now I learned from the song:

The Daughter's friend is in the yellow helmet in the top picture. The Daughter took the pictures in this post.

There is a Facebook page.


  1. Anonymous8:05 AM

    This is the Roller Derby of my youth:

    -- A Pal

  2. lol what we saw last night wasn't quite this um... colorful

  3. Thank you for coming out! The real games are a little more exciting! There are some games this weekend for the North Central Regional WFTDA tournaments. It's free to watch on http://www.wftda.com :)